Louis Henderson Biography

Thanks for visiting my site. I was born in Tokyo, Japan but was raised in Seattle, Washington. High schooled at St. Paul's [prep] school in Concord, New Hampshire. I then graduated with Honors in Art from Whitman College. After a stint as an illustrator for a beer importer, I moved to Los Angeles, earning a B.F.A. in Illustration at Art Center College of Design.

My freelance career started in the movie industry creating posters and advertising art for films such as:  Batman, Total Recall, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and 101 Dalmatians.  Represented in New York and Chicago,I've received commissions from Ocean Spray, McDonalds, Miller Brewing, Comp USA, Viewsonic, Heinz, Patagonia, Baxter Healthcare, Omni Magazine, IBM, Coors Brewing, and Ticketmaster. My second career has been as a Principal Artist/Art Director in the computer games industry.   I've worked on Call of Duty and Cars 2 among others.

Strongly traditional, I revere the classical art values of Concept, Composition and Craft.   I have a special talent for capturing a likeness and my work is owned by several celebrities.

On depicting the color and grace of marine life: painting the coral reef allows me to express the qualities I am pursuing in my art: beauty and spirit. On the coral reef, a harmonious, symbiotic environment displays the mindfulness of our universe.